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Mary Chocolatier, Brussels

MARY CHOCOLATES Mary Delluc artist and gourmet pioneer created her tea salon in 1919 around exquisite chocolates. We are proud to be the exclusive west coast merchant for Mary chocolates since our founding.


AHMOR Raison Chocolated Estate Grapes

Caramel Chocolat Jumbo Honeycrisp

CARAMEL & CHOCOLAT APPLES One-pound orchid direct Honeycrisp apples covered in caramel and chocolat with a cored hollow filled chocolat.

Stem Chocolated Strawberry

CHOCOLAT STRAWBERRIES Select stem cut extra large strawberries covered in luxury chocolates.

Truffle Strawberries

TRUFFLE STRAWBERRIES Our preferred hand cut extra-large stem strawberries first blanketed in chocolat or Grand Marnier truffle ganache, dipped in luxury chocolates.

Chocolat Caramel Marshmallow

CARAMEL MARSHMALLOWS We blanket giant marshmallows artisan made caramel to cover in chocolat.

Sea Salt Caramel Chocolat

SEA SALT CARAMELS Artisan made rich caramel covered in couverture chocolat, sprinkled with shaved and smoked Aegean Sea salt.

Butter Toffee Cashew Cluster

BUTTER TOFFEE CASHEWS Cashews roasted in our rich toffee are pyramid mounted by hand with chocolat.


TRUFFLES Seven European inspired couverture chocolat truffles made daily.

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